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    Today's Bridge CC update killed InDesign!


      After installing an update to Bridge CC this morning, InDesign suddenly became a MESS.


      I know it was the Bridge update that caused this- I was using InDesign before and after the update and all this happened immediately after the update.


      • I can no longer select text with the type tool (click and drag no longer works- if i click and drag with the text tool, it acts like the selection tool, just dragging the whole box across the page).
      • I can't click the type tool in a text box to get an active cursor unless I double-click.
      • Resizing text/image boxes no longer behaves properly: Using the selection tool resizes an item as if it was the free transform tool and (sometimes) vise versa.


      I trashed the prefs, restarted, etc. No dice.


      InDesign is totally unusable now and I had to switch back to CS5.


      What's up Adobe??


      EDIT: Mac Pro, Mountain Lion


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