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    How can I get a .swf to stop playing using a button?


      I've placed two .swf files inside my InDesign CC doc. and would like to control them using specifically created 'play' and 'stop' buttons. My InDesign file will be / is exported as a .swf also, as it has animations and interactivity.


      One .swf is a looping animation (created in a separate InDesign doc.) and the other is a Captivate file published as a .swf.


      When I create a 'play' button to play the .swf it works as expected, however when I create a 'stop' button and assign the Action 'Stop' or 'Stop All' it does not work and the .swf continues to play on the page.


      When I change page within my InDesign document the two .swf's continue to play; I know this because despite not being able to see them still playing (as I'm on a new page now), one of the .swf's - the Captivate file - has audio and continues to play on the new page I'm viewing.


      When I return to the page where the two .swf files are located they appear to have stopped and can be re-played, but what is actually happening is that the .swf's are still playing in the background with the option to press play for the same two .swf's - meaning I'll have a total of 4 .swf's playing at the same time - two behind the original two.


      I know there is a similar 'unload' issue when playing a .swf inside a swf. in Flash and that you can create ActionScipt to either unloadAll or killAudio but I don't know how to resolve this with InDesign as I'm not aware of either being able to access the InDesign code or there being an actual fix for this.


      Would appreciate some help, if possible.