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    Trouble with audio and Thunderbolt display


      I am having difficulty recording a voice over in Adobe Premiere Pro with my Macbook Pro, running OS 10.8.4, connected to an Apple Thunderbolt display. Here is what does work with the Macbook Pro connected to the Thunderbolt display: Recording voice using a USB microphone, internal mic and iPhone earbuds into Garage Band and into iMovie 11. I am selecting the same input while testing different hardware with different software. Works great in all software tested except Premiere Pro CS6 or Premiere Pro CC. BUT, when I try the very same thing without the Thunderbolt display connected I can record voice into Premiere Pro with all the very same input devices, USB mic, Internal Mic and iPhone earbuds. I feel like I might be crazy, or will be if I can't figure this out. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.