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    Teleportation Scene Suggestions?


      I'm on Premiere Elements 9, attempting to do an outdoor teleportation sort of scene. Problem is, we didn't think too far ahead during shooting and I don't have the best footage for making a seamless shot. My first instinct was to crop and layer two of the same shot, one with my characters and another of just the background. I have a two shot of the characters; one needs to disappear. I put the empty background shot underneath the character shot and simply cropped out one character so that he seems to just disappear. However, the lighting seems to be different in both shots, so no matter how much color correcting/brightness and contrast editing I try, there's this awkard little line in the middle of my shot where you can obviously see that it's two scenes spliced together.


      I hope I explained my situation accurately, my question is: Anyone have any better suggestions for how to make a character disappear/reappear seamlessly using Premiere? Is it possible to make a feathered mask or something instead of using this cropping trick? Or can I somehow feather or blend out that line so it's not so blatently obvious?


      Thanks, all!