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    Paragraph style creating problems in EPUB export


      Hello All,


      I have designed/layed out several books in InDesign for print, but now I'm working on my first ebook conversion. I've got everything set up with paragraph and character styles, and everytime I've tried to use paragraph styles to split the document, my ID CS6 crashes. I had included export tagging for splitting in three of my paragraph styles, and have narrowed it down to one paragraph style being the culprit. Turns out when I go to the Advanced tab in the epub export dialog box, that particular paragraph style doesn't even show up in the list of options for splitting the document. I've recreated and reassigned the paragraph style, and it does the same thing:  If I try to use paragraph styles export tags to split the document, InDesign crashes everytime that my problem paragraph style has that enabled. If I disable it on that one, and use the other two to split the document, it works fine. If I single out that paragraph style as the sole splitting style, ID crashes. Any ideas? I've trouble-shooted (shot?) this as far as I can…and have found nothing upon searching this particular problem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!