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    Creating form in FormsCentral for first time


      Good morning,


      I am creating online form in FormsCentral for the first time.


      As I go along, I came accross:


      1. Can I add/move a text field next to the text, instead below?



      Text field.JPG


      2. Could the space between lines be increased?

      (meaning "line spacing" -- pressing enter - lines are too far from each other)


      3. I found answer regarding creating "bullets" -

      the recommendation "keyboard num lock ON, hold Alt down and type  7 or 9 - somehow does not work for me.

      Do you have any other idea, except of using '*" and ">" instead of bullets?


      Thanks so much for your help,




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          Brian Havlin Adobe Employee

          Hi Klara,


          1. To change the position of the label relative to the input field, use the "Labels Position" drop-down toward the end of the toolbar. Note that this is currently a form-wide option.


          2. No, it's not possible to increase the spacing between lines.


          3. Try holding down Alt then type 0149. If that doesn't work you could try copy/pasting this character  •  into your form.