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    Why are Quicktime exported .mov files not working in Premiere Pro CS6?


      I'm currently working with a Canon XA10, using a Macbook Pro with Premiere Pro CS6 to edit. I can view and import the footage into my project by pointing to the raw .MTS files in the camera's HDD (or to my external HDD after I've copied the camera'a drive over).


      Where I run into a problem is with .MOV files exported through Quicktime. If I open up the AVCHD file on the camera's HDD using Mac's Finder, I can open an individual clip in Quicktime. I can then export that clip to a .MOV file on my Mac. But when I import that .MOV file into a project, I either get a persistent "Media Pending" error or an individual frame of the video (though I can hear the audio of the clip if I play it). If I try to drag that clip into a timeline, Premiere freezes, necessitating a Force Quit.


      Has anyone else experienced this?