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    Index entries missing in .chm but are present in the printed version

    MM Acton Level 1

      This is strange.


      I have a number of index entries as follows:


      troubleshooting/file problems

      troubleshooting/login problems

      troubleshooting/printer problems


      These appear in the .docx (Word) version, which is what I've been using for the review cycle. Today, though, I had the .chm open and I noticed that the entire group of troubleshooting\ entries aren't in the .chm!


      I recompiled the HTML Help, just in case I was looking at an old version and no, they're not there.


      I searched for them in the Index tab, thinking maybe they were somehow out of order, but they're truly not there.


      Any idea what could be causing this?  I'm using RoboHelp 9.