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    Table of Contents - Current Page / Sections

    Jamahl Umar



      I am building a document that mirrors a website, in terms of the way you navigate the document. I have a navigation bar that runs vertically along the left side of the page. I am populating this with a Table of Contents I have constructed. I would like to have the page that is currently being viewed to have some sort of indicator, whether that be Bold, Underline, etc. Is there any way to do this via the Table of Content options?


      I also would like to know if its possible (without creating style sheets for each section and new ToCs for each section) to have the ToC only show the current section(set in numbering and section options). Currently I allow the Table of Contents to populate the side nav bar, then edit it on a per page basis and remove unnecessary sections and subsections. This is very unwieldly and doesnt allow me to shuffle pages around and have the ToC auto update as it should because I have modified the text within each page in the ToC.


      I would appreciate any suggestions.


      Thank You