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    InDesign CS6 crashes when editing TOC


      I have an INDD C6 file with a TOC that I created for a print book. I am now making the eBook version of the file. I saved the print book file under a new name. Please note, this is a regular InDesign file (INDD) -- not a Book file (INDB).


      I am trying to edit the TOC style. I select "Layout" > "Table of Contents..." I change "Page Number" selection to "No Page Number". I click "Save Style" button. I give the style a new name. But when I click "OK" InDesign crashes. I have tried to make this simple edit countless times. I have quit out of InDesign and relaunched it. I have restarted my Mac. I even tried to manually delete the page numbers in the TOC but  that caused InDesign to crash as well.


      I have to have an unnumbered TOC for my eBook. Any suggestions on what to do?