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    Premiere Pro CC scrambles media in-outs when converting CS5.5 Project

    Nick_HE Level 1

      Bit of a strange situation here. Created a project in CS5.5, edited some WAV files on the timeline. WAV files had non-zero starting time codes (they were coming from ProTools).


      Opened the project in CC, said yes to conversion.


      About 20% of the clips are showing the 'media missing' diagonal bars (5 clips are totally slashed out, and 2 clips have some portion of the beginning of them slashed out). No audio plays during the diagonal bar sections.


      One footage item (Part 2.wav) starts at 22;29 and runs to 50;03

      An instance of this clip on the timeline has in=33;10, out=40;14, which seems right.

      This is all the same in both CS5.5 and CC, but CC shows the slashy bars while 5.5 works fine.


      Tried offlining/relinking, etc. With and without "align timecode" checked. No dice.


      I can replicate this messed up timeline in a variety of ways:

      1) Converting the project from 5.5 to CC by opening it in CC

      2) Create a blank project in CC and import the whole 5.5 project, and reconnect media when asked

      3) Create a blank project in CC and import just the single sequence, and reconnect media when asked

      4) Convert the project from 5.5 to CC by opening it in CC; and then import the whole 5.5 project into the new one again


      HOWEVER. Two ways do work:


      1) If I convert the project from 5.5 to CC by opening it in CC, and then import just the single sequence from the 5.5 project, the imported sequence works perfectly. It doesn't even bring in its own WAV files - it realizes they're already in the project and draws from them instead. (The converted sequence is still broken, even though the identical imported one is working).


      2) Opening the sequence in 5.5, copying the contents of the sequence, and pasting them into a CC project, works too.



      I'm stumped - anyone have ideas of experiments to run or things to try?