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    Nested Multicam Monitor Punch-in Issue?


      I've gotten requests for providing "a little bit of everything" involving videotaped music performances. Previously, I've only provided a whole song utilizing the multicam editor window to scub back and punch in then roll edit to the beat.


      "A little of everything" required syncing up all the footage and creating a multicam src for each song. More work :^( I'm glad to see that I could cut & nest the best parts of each performance.


      Then something strange...


      I srubbed back to the beginning of the next song, pressed the red record button in the multicam monitor, highlighted a camera angle, pressed play and though I recorded properly, seeing the correct song in the multicam monitor and/or the program monitor.


      Upon playback, the previous song's video continued to play, overwriting it subsequent nested song. The audio is uneffected. I assumed, no problem, just delete the previous song & ripple/roll edit back the next song's clip to the beginning...


      But the next song's video start is now stuck where the previous song ended it's overdub/overwrite. So I believe pick-up "punching in" (like audio) in nested multicams is not allowed. Is this true?


      I believe now I must ...

      1. Make a rough recording pass in the multicam monitor. Do NOT stop, scroll back, switch camera angles and punch-in across nested multicam's start and end edits/borders.

      2. Use the ripple tool to slide cuts to the beat, then manually chose a camera angle directly from the video clip's pop-up list in the timeline.

      3. Possibly use the razor tool to add a new edit point to switch angles.


      Plz see attachmentQ.Pr.Buggy.jpg