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    Extremly bad previews and render times.


      i have been working on a video in AE CS6 for a couple of days now but something changed after i added a 3D Solid layer with render set to ray-traced 3d, and now i can barely see my project in the compositon window as it gets

      extremly pixelated. whith extreme difficulty i managed to complete the project but when i started the render of the viedo it gave me an estimated render time of 104 hrs for just one 3d layer that is only present in the

      video for about 5 seconds out of the 4min long viedo. unfortunatly i cant enable GPU Ray-tracing because it says its not complatible even after i updated my drivers.

      raytraced 3d problem.PNGpre render problems.PNG


      Gpu: AMD HD-7870

      Cpu: A10-5800K (APU)

      RAM: 8 gb