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    Script Errors opening new help for first time (RH10)

    Kathy T Casey Level 1

      We have just upgraded our WebHelp project to RoboHELP 10 and had encountered some script issues when the help was accessed from the server. After reading the forums, I recompiled the project after setting the Encoding value to 'Unicode(UTF-8 without BOM) and the initial issues went away.


      Our application displays a page from the WebHelp and people can click on various links on that Welcome page to view things like Release Notes, access to our support portal etc. It is also available via F1 and the Application menu bar.


      Since our initial problems, we have copied the latest compile up to our server and our clients are now encountering a number of different script errors the first time they open the help from without application.


      Once they refresh, the issue goes away and help will open from all avenues, i.e. Welcome page, F1, Application menu bar.


      Some of the errors they've encountered are:


      (The project does not use breadcrumbs.)


      Has anyone seen any similar behaviour?

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          Willam van Weelden Level 5

          Could this be the result of a caching error? That a refresh solves the issue indicates that the browsers still have an old version of the files for fast loading while your pages have changed.





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            Kathy T Casey Level 1

            Thanks for your response William.  I've taken advantage of a couple of your scripts in the past.


            We think that caching could be the issue. 


            I've put the following meta tag in the page that's opened in a 'Welcome' tab when the application is opened. (I've also put the tag in the pages that are called directly from that welcome page.)







            I thought this was supposed to force a refresh everytime that page is opened.  But it doesn't seem to force it on everyone's PC.


            What we're thinking of doing now is forcing all the pages to expire at the time we put up a new compile. That way, the browser will have to grab a new version of each page from the compile. (It doesn't matter if they cache after that.)


            That's our thinking anyway.

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