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    Toggle visibility of a layer or group of layers without changing every layer

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      I'm creating a set of layered PDF maps (in this case from AutoCAD but I use Illustrator and ArcGIS for the same task at other times). Anyway, the layers created in the PDF are named according to the layer names within the native program and can be long-winded and technical.


      What I would like to be able to do is to turn on or off a single or group of layers with one click.


      For example, there might be 5 different layers for WATER features on the map (rivers, creeks, lakes, seas, dams) all with technical layer names within their native program (CE-XREF-WATR-DRANAGE-MAJOR-RIVER etc), and I would like to turn all of them on or off with one click.


      The "Set Layer Visibility" action is not useful because when you set the layer visibilty state, you set the layer state for all layers on or off at the time you set it. This means a minimum of 2 states that you have to set up each time within every new PDF. However if you wanted to turn off WATER features AND say, ROAD features then you'd have to set all the different combinations of layers for all your sets of layers per new PDF.


      A layer state like: "AERIAL PHOTO on, RIVERS on, CREEKS off, FORESTS on, PARKS on, HIGHWAYS on, MAJOR ROADS on, MINOR ROADS off, TRACKS off, etc. for every different item and combination in the legend. This, as you might see would be a long an tedious process if you had 20 types of features and 20 different maps using the same data sets.


      Ideally, as each map will have the same technical layer names, as they all come from the same data set, I'd like to be able to copy and paste a set of Buttons from one PDF to another which will recognise the layer names in each successive map.


      Is this possible?