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    Export & Import symbols

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      Do I need to manually Re-Import an already in-use symbol everytime the imported symbol goes through modifcation?


      Ex: Lets say the menu bar is a symbol, exported already, and is being used/imported into other pages, Then i make some modificaions and re-Export the symbol(Save As the same name). I was expecting all other pages to automatically get updated since the symbol is being read from the same place, correct? But I have to go into each file, delete the symbol, and re-import it, at least thats what i did. any UPDATE SYMBOL solution?


      Any efficient practice to share/re-use/update assets in a project?



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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          The update Symbol workflow is per document session, meaning updating any/all instances of that symbol will only occur within the document that houses it.


          Create Symbol > becomes an asset to the document that houses it.

          Export Symbol simply allows you to 'transfer' that symbol to another project or document.

          Edit in Place of a Symbol > wheather its a one use case or one of many instances, will only update the instances as an 'asset' to the the document that houses it.


          I think the appropriate approach would be to Edit in Place that Symbol to update the instances. Though you mention separate files/pages, the process will have to be repeated.

          If you use a single document, and reference different Label areas on the timeline as your 'page' areas then the Edit in Place would be sufficient.



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            Thank You Darrell,

            I see all benefits of locally managing a Symbol Edit. however, here is an idea that i would like to share for future considerations in improvment of edge software:



            Having an option to EXTRACT AN IMPORTED SYMBOL


            If the user choses to EXTRACT, then all the future edits on the symbol will be treated withing the document and locally, not affecting the exported symbol file shared by all documents.


            If the user DOES NOT EXTRACT, then all the edits on the symbol will be saved in the exported file and will be automatically applied to already imported Symbols in other documents once you reload/update the files.




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              heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

              I see where you are going with the idea, though it would be hard for the host application (Edge) to know that the EXTRACT has changed.  I think a missing element to your scenero would be a 'Component Library'. An area within Edge to house user created (master) symbols, like a nav bar or a video controller etc. Then when a change is made to the master symbol, opening previously created projects that utilized that component, will prompt to 'update' to the master or leave as is.


              Adobe Fireworks is an example that made use of a similar workflow through the 'Common Library' and Styles management.



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                I just want to second Departure's wish for shareable, updateable symbols useable across multiple Edge Animate projects. I see that his is an old post, but from what I can tell his problem, and mine, still has no easy solution.