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    how do i prevent my audio for chopping off?

    27sirena del mar Level 1

      in Spanish, i'm Puerto Rican and my dominant language is Spanish (living in NYC), we have a saying when it isn't one thing it's another (cuando no es una cosa es otra).  now that i know how to make color matte and edit a previous text frame, and managed to set half a song to my liking,  i have another problem.  when i click to make the color matte the audio file snips off,  and moves to the right, therefore chopping the song that i'm working on.


      since i make a different color for each verse,  i've been dragging the separated piece back to it's place, but i assume that it's not supposed to happen, although i have no idea on how to avoid it.  i tried unliking the video and audio, but since i'm making the video frame by frame, it didn't work.


      thanks for your assitance guys,

      27sirena del mar



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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          27sirena del mar


          Do not be discouraged. We all have days like that.


          Drag the Timeline Indicator to beyond the end of the last item on the Timeline and then do your New Item/Color Matte and then drag it into place. This way there is nothing for the Color Matte to run into.


          This is one of those items that is placed automatically on the Timeline wherever you have the Timeline Indicator as well as a copy being placed in the Project Media.


          There is a handy way to keep audio from being split and files moved around on the tracks when you are dragging new files to the Timeline. You can do that by holding down the Alt key of the computer main keyboard as you drag the addition into place on the track. But for Color Matte I do not recall any such handy remedy other than to move the Timeline Indicator out of the way so when the color matte is placed there it is not in conflict with anything else.


          Please let us know if that helps.


          Thank you.