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    Markers in Project Panel & Restrict trims to synched subclips

    Julien R. Level 1

      Hi all,


      I am a FCP 7 editor looking to make the jump to a different NLE. The last 2 contenders are PPro and MC:) I will give each NLE a 30 day trial and see which one feels right to me.


      I have just started editing a project on the trial version of PPro CC, and have come accross two situations I can't seem to figure out.


      a) Markers: Is there a way to see which clips have markers in the project panel? I understand that once a clip is selected, the in and out appear in the markers panel -which is great- but that requires that I select a clip... (thus, that I know which clip has marker(s). What I find extremely helpful in FCP is the ability to see which clips have marker(s) in the browser and the ability to jump to them directly. Without that feature, I would still be cutting a doc I finished 12 months ago.


      b) Subclips: I am very pleased with the merge clips function. It makes synching audio/video a breeze. However, when I create subclips from these synched clips with the "restrict trims to subclip boundaries" checked, the boundaries are not restricted. I don't see the point of creating subclips if when I load them in the source panel, the in point isn't the one I selected, but rather it's the in point of the master clip. This too, makes sifting through selects very time-consuming. Strangely, this doesn't happen with subclips created from clips that were not synched. Is it a glitch? (FYI, I synched the clips using the "clip marker" as synchronize point).



      Thank you in advance for your help.