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    Having Issues with after effects, advice needed


        Hi I am having some unusual issues and a general question about after effects.The first question is how to remove all the thumb marks that i keep making ever time move the time line indicator down the time line, it auto creates thumb marks that I don't want.


      The second issue and this is a odd one is that i have two files 1) about 3 gb and 2) about 5 gb and the 5 gb I cut in half for the final rendering but i come out with a 168gb avi file???

      How did I use about 6gb of footage and render it out to 168gb I'm confused.


      I am using the general settings, I used avi because my trail version is not showing any other animation type like QuickTime movie (which is what I really would prefer) I don't understand where is all the extra data is coming from.


      This file is so big it pauses for a fraction of a second every 2 seconds of footage when played via a player like window media player.

      I would love any help.