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    Choosing between Flex 2 and Flex 3


      We're in the process of creating a new web service that includes several web applications. We are considering Flex for the user interface but are concerned about the upcoming release of Flex 3 and its implications for our development and release schedule (we plan to be in beta early next year).

      Since our release schedule could potentially coincide with the schedule for Flex 3, should we be trying to develop on that version now, or should we start with Flex 2 and plan on upgrading later? Is there any reason why choosing Flex 2 now would be a bad idea? If so, is it possible to receive some kind of support even during beta?

      Thanks in advance.
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          peterent Level 2
          We've just released Flex 3 Beta 2. Flex Builder 3 allows you to use either the Flex 3 SDK or the Flex 2 SDK. So using Flex Builder 3 would allow you to develop using either version. Also, FB 3 would allow you to test out your app with the Flex 3 SDK and keep surprises to a minimum.

          I cannot tell you when we will release Flex 3 - I don't think it has been decided and a lot depends on how the Beta test period goes.

          Flex 3 adds a few more controls, but if you don't need those controls (eg, AdvancedDataGrid), then you could safely continue with Flex 2 SDK.

          If you were to purchase a Support plan, we would not be able to "officially" support your Flex 3 efforts - we really want to get your questions and problems via the Flex 3 beta community. However, if you were doing Flex 2 work we can certainly work with you using a support plan and would help you migrate to Flex 3 when it has been released.
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            ryan.probasco Level 1
            Thanks! This helps a lot. I think we may end up using Flex Builder 3 and developing with the Flex 2 SDK so that we are ensured support.

            One last question: I had read that the AdvancedDataGrid control had been added in the Flex 3 SDK. Is there a comprehensive list somewhere of other controls added or removed in Flex 3?