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    Fireworks html not working properly when inserted into Dreamweaver


      Hello. I am using CS4 to build a website. I'm using Fireworks CS4 to create navigation for the website. When I create and test the navigation file on its own, the rollover effects work perfectly. However, when I insert the file into Dreamweaver CS4, the rollover effects no longer work and the quality of the graphics becomes terrible. I have used this method of building navigation many times before without problems, but now it just is not working. I'm guessing it's missing some piece of code, but I have no idea what I'm looking for. Here is the Fireworks file, which you can see works as it should: http://sarah-white.net/katysite/images/home_nav.htm. Here is the file after I inserted it into the Dreamweaver file: http://sarah-white.net/katysite/index.html. What's going on? Thanks in advance for any help!