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    video preview in multicam monitor out of sync with the actual edits

    ZachRosing Level 1

      I'm having a sync issue with Multicam, but I'll start by saying I've upgraded to the most recent version and I don't think this has anything to do with the previous huge multicam bug.


      I'm finding that sometimes when I'm cutting between cameras while playing back my timeline in the multicam monitor (that would be, press 1 2 3 etc instead of ctrl 1, ctrl 2...) and then I rewind/FF with JKL, the multicam monitor will cut to the camera several seconds before where the actual cut in the timeline was made. If I switch over to program monitor and back again, the issue seems to clear itself up. It would appear that Premiere is making the cuts where I intended for them to go, and that it's simply a bug in the multicam preview.


      Any ideas here? Or how can I better explain this bug?


      I'm going to ask another question here that's related, but tell me if I should start a new thread for it. For years and years now I've been able to just cut with 1 2 3 from the timeline, while video isn't playing (this is how I dealt with the now finally fixed issue where when cutting while playing video in multicam, Premiere would add an extra edit whenever you stopped). The new default is for Premiere to change the camera angle of the current clip with pressing 1 2 3 from the timeline, and you have to press ctrl 1 2 3 to actually make a cut. While I know I should probably just learn that new behavior and can see the appeal in that functionality, I have this horrible muscle memory that is unknowingly changing camera angles when I really wanted to make a new cut, and based on my workflow (trying to edit live performances as quickly as possible with little time to rewatch entire shows) I know it's going to mean mistakes slipping onto a DVD. Is there a way to revent back to the old way of this operating?