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    javascript for adding image signature with date in action wizard


      I'm having trouble with adding my scanned signature into 100 PDFs in a batch.

      I found the following javascript code (A) online but it's for adding "invisible signatures".



      As discussed in the above link, I modified (A) to (B) by taking out the login part

      but I don't know if putting my scanned PNG signature as appearance is correct.

      After running the code, I don't see any signature on my PDF.

      I don't know how to add the date and time either.

      Anyone please help?


      Sign all documents

      Batch sequence name: Signature SignAll.sequ.

      Task: Create an invisible signature on each of the selected files.

      Example2.12 Sign all documents

      /* Signature Sign All */

      // Choose handler

      var ppklite = security.getHandler("Adobe.PPKLite");

      // Login -- change as appropriate

      ppklite.login("dps017", "/C/Profiles/DPSmith.pfx");

      // Add a signature field with zero dimensions (invisible)

      var f = this.addField("Signature", "signature", 0, [0,0,0,0]);

      // Sign it and log out. Change as appropriate


      { password: "dps017",

      location: "San Jose, CA",

      reason: "I am approving this document",

      contactInfo: "dpsmith@mycompany.com",

      appearance: "DPSmith"});




      addField("Signature", "signature", 0, [200,200,200,200]).signatureSign({appearance: scanned_png});