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    What is causing Premiere Pro CC to hang?

    DMH79 Level 2

      The issues I'm experiencing never seemed to happen to me when I was on CS6....I'm on a mid 2011 iMac 3.4ghz i7 with 16gb of RAM and the AMD 6970M GPU with 1GB of VRAM and I'm editing ProRes 422 footage. My apps and OS are all on a recently added SSD.


      But a few things are happening on Premiere CC (7.0.1) that are driving me nuts and I don't know what's causing it:


      1) First, if I have two sequences open and I don't go to one for a while, when I do go and open that tab it hangs for about 15-20 seconds. The render bar is red and I can't scrub through any of the clips as it appears to be loading or something. Then it suddenly clicks in, the render bar turns yellow and I can edit away like normal. What is causing it to hang like that? I don't remember this ever happening on CS6. Is this a hard drive thing (eventhough my new scratch drive is 3x's as fast)? Or maybe a GPU Acceleration thing or a VRAM thing since before on CS6 I wasn't GPU Accelerated since my card isn't "officially supported" although it does ahve 1GB or VRAM? Or is this a Premiere Pro CC thing and I just have to get used to it? Or something else? When I'm in "software only" mode the render bar stays red since my footage is 60fps on a 24fps timeline, but with GPU acceleration the render bar goes yellow and makes it noticably smoother to scrub, etc.


      2) Similarly, when I'm editing for a while and I add the gaussian blur effect, the program hangs for another 15 seconds or so before I can scrub or play. It doesn't happen when I first start up PPro, but usually happens more frequently after I've been editing for a while. So why is it hanging? I'm guessing #1 and #2 are related but again, I never experienced this 15-20 second hang time on CS6. 


      At one point tonight, the app actually froze up after adding a gaussian blur and I had to force close. My auto-save wasn't working for some reason either (I had it saving to Dropbox) so I lost about an hour of work since I had last hit save. Frustrating.


      Anyone have any ideas or ways to find out what is causing this? Any solutions?


      A little back story and specs: Recently my scratch hard drive crashed so I got a newer much faster hard drive, plus I installed a SSD into my 2011 iMac to run the apps off of. The app loads fast and for the most part editing is fairly snappy and I can keep the Preview window at Full resolution with no stuttering when editing ProRes422 footage. I can also take advantage of GPU acceleration now on PPro CC because my iMac has 1GB of VRAM (eventhough the card is not "officially" supported (AMD 6970M)).

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          Jim Curtis Level 3

          Nothing jumps out, but I have a routine that I do whenever Pr acts up, which is way too often:


          1.  Trash Preferences (fixes most Pr problems when "it's just not working right").

          2.  Delete media caches and previews (ditto).  Do this after each application crash or hang.

          3.  Check for corrupt media in your project.  That can cause major performance degradation, freezes and crashes.  Remove or transcode problem media to some other format.

          4.  Reboot the computer (Pr has RAM leaks) or much faster, open the Terminal, and type in "purge" (no quote marks) and hit Return every so often.  You can tell you're out of RAM when you open the Activity Monitor > System Memory tab, and there's no Free RAM left.  Free RAM defaults to the green color.  A lot of blue (Inactive RAM) is caused by Pr.  It's RAM that's not accessible.  Low RAM causes performance issues, and I'm gobsmacked that Adobe hasn't fixed this problem yet.  Purging will turn the blue Inactive RAM into Free RAM.  The longer you work in Pr, the less Free RAM becomes available.


          Those things clear up 99% of my problems.


          5.  Run Disk Warrior (esp. if you're getting beach balls, AND every time after a computer (not application) crash or freeze).

          6.  Re-install the application.

          7.  If you have an external video (BMD, AJA, etc.) or audio card that requires third-party drivers, remove them and see if the problem vanishes.

          8.  Re-install graphics drivers (this has fixed display issues for me, such as video not updating in real-time).


          I know that's a lot of stuff, but I make my living using Pr and Ae, and it's vital I keep them working and don't encounter any job-stopping problems. 


          A lot of people suggest Repairing Permissions, but this is mostly useless advice.  You only need to do that if you're getting directory access denied or can't write file errors.  However, it can't hurt.

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            DMH79 Level 2

            Thanks Jim. I will go down that checklist one by one. I was guessing it was somehow related to a GPU Acceleration thing (total guess) with my system but maybe it's one of the issues you mentioned. When I trash preferences, do I lose all my presets and keyboard shortcut changes? Also, I'm not sure how I'd check for corrupt media. I've gone through every clip (about 500) and they all played okay. Granted, I did have THIS > (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1266307)< problem with the ProRes files so maybe it's related. But again, I didn't have any issues like this in CS6 (granted, in CS6 I had a whole other set of issues/errors). I don't have any external video cards and honestly I'm not sure it's even possible to re-install my graphics drivers for my iMac...or at least I would have no idea how. 


            One thing I definitely have to agree with you on is the fact that Premiere can suck up all the RAM (for me it's often within a couple hours) and it causes major performance issues. I too make a living using Premiere and I generally have to restart my computer 4 or 5 times a day on a normal 8-10 hour working day just to keep things speedy.

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              Jim Curtis Level 3

              Trashing prefs doesn't destroy your Keyboard settings, but you will have to reselect your own settings after trashing your prefs.


              Mac users should probably buy Digital Rebellion's suite of apps.  There's a Corrupt Clip FInder that is very useful, and several other very useful apps, such as the Preference Manager, which lets you save a good known set of prefs, and then use it later to replace bad ones.


              The only other way I know to locate corrupt media is by search and destroy: move media out of the project, and take note of when the problems disappear.  Then, it's the last piece of media you removed.  Or, export the Sequence, and wherever the export hangs or crashes, there's your problem.


              Try my trick of purging using Terminal and keep the Activity Monitor open, set to System Memory.

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                DMH79 Level 2

                Jim Curtis wrote:


                Try my trick of purging using Terminal and keep the Activity Monitor open, set to System Memory.

                I do often use an app called "Free Memory" on mac which shows me which memory is being used and how much is inactive. It'll get down to less than 20mb sometimes so I'll have to hit "Free Memory" and wait a few seconds to bring back some of the inactive memory that Premiere has sucked up. I think this app accomplishes the same thing as your Terminal/purge option.


                I'm about to try the options you listed now.

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                  DMH79 Level 2

                  Okay I trashed preferences (on both my old startup disc and my new SSD startup disc), deleted media cache stuff, rapaired each drive, repaired permissions (just in case). I didn't do a corrupt clip finder app yet (each project per week has 500 clips) but my current project is over so we'll see how it goes on my next project. I'll be using Prelude to transcode from now on due to my recent findings (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1266307) or I'll just see how PrPro CC edits native AVCHD.


                  I wish there was a way to check my graphics card and make sure it has the latest drivers, etc. I find all sorts of sites for updating drivers for other AMD cards but not the iMac ones. Also, Jim, I'm curious if you know if one would see a performance difference on Premiere if they were using a GPU card with 2GB of VRAM vs. 1GB of VRAM?