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    How to fix an object in one layer to an object in another layer?

    HakanErn Level 1

      I have tried to find a soloution to this in the forum, but perhaps my english not being native prevents me from using the correct search terms - so here it is for you to solve


      Layer one: background with some rocks
      Layer two: a person standing in front of green screen.


      The person in layer two is "placed" on a rock


      Now, in layer one the camera is slowly turning left to right.


      I want the person in layer two to still stand on the rock, even though the rock is "moving"


      I have solved it by manually moving the person frame by frame so his position on the rock is the same in every frame, but this is very hard work, and also very hard to do well.


      Question:; Is there a way to make PP understand that the person in layer two should be in the same position related to the rock, even if the rock is moving?


      Using PP CC and have access to CC


      Thank you in advance - hope you understand the question!