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    Question about data binding problem


      I  created a form in Livecycle, added reader extensions and distributed the form to many people. I have now collated the resulting pdf files and exported the data and it appears that a few fields are missing. On investigation it turns out that the missing fields have a data binding of "No Data Binding".


      My default binding option is set to “Use Name” so I don’t know how this has happened – but I must have done something to cause it. 


      My question is this: is there any way I can now include the missing fields in the data export or in anyway get access to this data? I can’t seem to find a way and am facing having to retrieve the information manually from many pdf files.


      Any ideas or help would be much appreciated.




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          radzmar Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If there was no data binding set in the template you wouldn't be able to get the missing data anymore as it does not exist.

          You only can distribute your overworked form again.

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            medatauk Level 1

            Hi radzmar, Thanks for the reply. I manually distributed the forms, i.e. emailed them out. The PDF forms were then filled in, saved and sent back. The  data appears in the form when you open it up in acrobat but I cannot export it. Is there any other way of getting the data out of the PDF other than using the export option?

            I thought of trying to convert the PDF into XML and then parsing the XML but I can't find a suitable converter.

            Any other ideas?

            Many thanks


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              radzmar Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If there is no binding set for a field the data is not saved in the data dom.

              That's why it's missing in the exported xml.


              I don't see a way to solve the problem other than manually add the data in a fixed version of your form.

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                If the missing feilds were fillable then there is nothing to take with binding.

                Binding is associated with data file/connection that get merged with XDP.


                So if the data is missing from fillable feild, that can be recovered from the PDF that user has filled and save the PDF.


                If you have all the PDFs from all user, use can assemble those using assembler service and then extract the data from assembled PDF.


                Hope this helps.