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    Keyword / search function issues


      Hi everyone,


      I've already asked for your help on this forum before, getting positive feedbacks.


      Today, I need your help because I have some issues with the results I (and my colleagues and customers) get from the Search function of the Help I produce using RH9.


      Do you guys know how Robohelp generates the whxdata files containing the keyword?
      Is there anyway to change these files before Robohelp produces them?


      I'll try to be more specific:

      - One of my topic is named: XX Options

      - I added the word Options (plural) to one the topic's keywords list

      - When I type options in my search function, I don't get any results

      - When I type option (singular), it works, I find the topic


      I found in one of the whxdata, that OPTION (singular) is an existing keyword but not OPTIONS (plural).


      How can this happen?


      I also get the same issue with many other words... They are topics names and they're in the keyword lists but the search function don't find them...


      Thanks a lot for any help provided in advanded.


      Best regards,