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    After Effects: Crash in progress Last logged message was....


      Hi all!


      I have recently installed the lastest version of after effects cs6 onto my new pc with fresh install of windows 7. When i come to launch it I get the error-



      Now this error persists every time and is followed up by this error message-


      The program then proceeds to force close and doesnt do anything else. My rig is as follows


      AsRock Fatal1ty P67 Professional Motherboard

      Intel i5 3450 CPU

      EVGA GtX660ti FTW edition (Running the LATEST nVidia drivers.

      EVGA supernova NEX 650g

      8gb 1600MHz Corsair Vengence Ram

      40gb SSD (windows only)

      500gb Toshiba Sata 3 7200rpm HDD

      Windows 7 Home Premium.


      As I said im running the newest version of after effects from the update and I thought I would ask here as adobe have taken a week to respond and just asked me what my gpu drivers were and my gpu drivers are the nvidia 320.49 drivers.


      I had this problem before when I installed it on my pc but i did a fresh install of windows and the problem still persists.

      Can anyone shed any light on this for me please?