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    Graphics in InDesign Export to PDF Pixelated

    laksdjfldskfja Level 1

      I lay out a small paper, containing a few ads, stories & features. These ads and features are linked INDD files and contain text and linked images in PDF, AI and PSD formats.


      I recently acquired CS6. Since that point, when I export the project into PDF, many of those linked graphics appear and print badly pixelated. Converting the graphics to EPS, though, solves the issue: the graphics look fine in the PDF. While converting all the graphics to EPS would solve the issue, it would be a lot of work that I would rather avoid, if possible.


      The issue seems to be in either my settings or a corrupt installation, because when I package the project and send it to a friend, he can export to PDF with no issues. I don't believe, though, that  I've changed any settings from the default, and we're using identical presets to export.


      I export my PDF's as type "Adobe PDF (Print)", using the provided preset " [Press Quality]". I'm using Win 7 Home.


      Any ideas short of reinstalling? Thank you for any advice or suggestions.


      A jpg made from a PDF created on my machine:


      The same image, packaged & sent to my friend, who exported it with the same settings. JPG made the same method as the previous: