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    a little help need with acs2


      Hi , i have box_mc and box2_mc and i have an animation_mc (i maked it at flash)


      i would if i drop box_mc on box2_mc animation should play.


      My codes: for box1_mc


      onClipEvent (load) {

                  this.tabEnabled = false;

                  this._visible = false;

                  orig_x = this._x;

                  orig_y = this._y;




      on (press) {



      on (release) {


                  this._x = orig_x;

                  this._y = orig_y;

      if (eval(this._droptarget) == _level0.box2_mc) {

                  _level0.animation_mc.play() //it doesnt work









      if you help me i will be glad (sorry for eng)