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    Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 & CC Shutting down iMac when exporting.




      I have had my iMac for around a year: Mid 2011 iMac 21", 12GB RAM. I switched from FCPX because Adobe just had more for me. FCPX exported fast and fine. But when I move to Adobe suddenly exporting becomes an issue. I have tried both CS6 and CC both do the same thing.


      I will be exporting something normaly full 1080p DSLR footage and it will get half way into the export and shut down the mac. The mac will just restart. It does it every single time. The issue has now also started when just trying to render a prodject not even export. I want to use Adobe but I just can't. It does the same exporting from Premiere and AME. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP.


      I have taken my iMac into Apple and they have run stress tests for 24 hours and it was fine... Please help!