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    custom component

      I am trying to build a widget using the existing components within the FLEX 3 beta.

      Basically my Widget looks like the tab navigator except (and this is the part i need help with) that I have the TR, BR and BL corners rounded. Additionally I also have a footer that needs to customizable by the clients. Just its fillColour. So this is what the end result should like:


      The tab title, fontfamily, color, and the color of the footer needs to controlled by the end-user for their websites, I was hoping to do this in CSS styling so that I could use PHP to write a new CSS file with each clients custom CSS styling info on the fly. As you'll see that the method I used to accomplish the above is just way too much work....

      Now I did do this in Flex, but using 2 complex boxes, a HBox, and the TabNavigator with custom styling to the tab element.

      And I had to overlay the TabNavigator ontop of the HBox and decrease its width so that it doesn't cover the TR rounded corner.

      I am sure there is a more efficient way of doing this....?