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    Editing a WMV file

    abc-amega Level 1

      Which CS program would be best for editing a WMV file? I can't seem to open it in Premiere Pro...

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          Cozmicone Level 4

          It depends on what codec was used in encoding the video which may be why you can't open it if you don't have that codec installed. What you could do is download the program FormatFactory, which is a free application, and convert the video to another file format and then open that file in Premiere. http://www.pcfreetime.com/


          You can also resave the file via FormatFactory as a wmv file which would then allow you to place the "converted" file in Premiere as well.

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            abc-amega Level 1

            Thank you. I downloaded the program, though I'm not able to re-save the file as I had hoped. I'm getting error messages in FormatFactory as well as Premiere. The orginal Premiere error has to do with compression of the WMV file (File has an unsupported compression type) - thought it was a codec issue at first but not sure how to handle compression. File came from GoToMeeting (it was a corporate webinar). Do you think re-downloading it from GTM  would help?

            Any insight you (or anyone else) can provide would be greatly appreciated. I feel like once I can open the darn thing, the rest will be easy!

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              Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

              Moved from the Creative Cloud to the Premiere Pro forum. They will be able to help you here.

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                petergaraway Adobe Employee

                You can edit WMV files fine within Premiere Pro. Please be aware of a known issue with a recent Microosft update.


                See this thread for details.






                Peter Garaway


                Premiere Pro

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Are you on a PC, or a Mac?


                  If PC, then MediaInfo should give you the full details, including the compression data, of those WMV files.


                  If on a Mac, then Media Inspector should do the same.


                  Good luck,