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    a very dissapointed user


      I can't instal the latest version of flash player on my Imac. And I can't update PS, Flash, Adobe Premiere Pro anymore. I contacted Adobe and they take over my computer.

      After some hours serveral software dissapeared with a cleaning program they were using.

      And at last my adobe manager was lost and they couldn't installed it anymore.

      The last thing they did was that they make a new user on my computer and then they can reinstal the adobe manager and they were ready. Call Apple was his answer.

      So they mashed up my hole computer and then stop the help cause they can find the answer. So it was the fault of Apple and leave me alone with a computer with no software from adobe anymore and no change to install the application manager.


      I hope in the near future apple and adobe wil work together so the user is not confronted with their problems.


      I hope with installing a older version of time machine I get back my software and the adobe apllication manager.


      I had 5 different people on the phone because the connection was broken down and I think they are all users of windows computer because you can see that they don't know how the apple works and everytime they want to do something it takes a while before they do it.

      They have to look into the manual how it works and then they try something.

      The only result you can read above.


      I'm a very disapointed customer, I love the software but it must work and al this **** you must not have as a user.


      May be some one can help me out, but first I have to restore my computer.


      Cora Berends