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    Multicam No Luck At All.

    stevengotts Level 1

      Please Help. Im having the same luck doing multicam with audio as I did with speach to text. (Dragon out of the box is 10 times more accurate) both work great in demos and never for me. For Multicam Ive tried taping a speaker/educater in one attempt using 2 cameras and two wireless mics. 1 camera canon .mts Avhdc. the other a Sony hdv tapes .mpeg. both 1080 29.97. the second with same setup at a live concert. Some attempts both tracks show up in preview, but audio, thus video are out of sync. other times only 1 camera appears in preview. depending on clip select order. And when I get that working, how do i add efffects and adjustments to these edit clips llike in Sony Vegas multicam. Even adjustment layers dont seem to effect the edited clip. Do I need to conform all clips to a single format.