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    Session Info:Window Mode

    scottobot Level 1

      I noticed something peculiar while profiling my app via the standalone debugger (11.7).  In Adobe Scout under the "Session Info" tab it reports the "Window Mode" for the session – the peculiar thing is that it reports "direct" when I launch the player on my external monitor, and "auto" when I launch the player on my laptop monitor (latest 13" Macbook Pro).  I have not set any compiler settings for the rendering mode.  What is the explanation for this behavior?


      The good news is the app runs a lot more smoothly when in direct mode.  Since I am often on just my laptop screen, I thought it would be nice to be able to run the standalone debugger in direct or even gpu mode.  I've tried setting the compiler options -use-direct-blit=true and -use-gpu=true but these have no effect.  Using them, Adobe Scout still reports "auto" when I run on my laptop monitor and I don't get the performance boost.  I am compiling with Flex SDK 4.6.0.  Are there some other dependencies that I need to include?  I've already tried enabling hardware acceleration via the Flash player settings.  I could see if it works by launching with an HTML wrapper and setting the wmode from there, but I usually debug using the standalone player and would prefer to be able to control the rendering mode from there.  Is anyone able to enable hardware acceleration for the standalone player for developing?


      UPDATE: I'm just guessing here but I think the difference in performance between the two monitors has more to do with my laptop's retina display.  Still it would be interesting to know why the rendering mode gets set differently depending on the monitor.

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          Michael J.A. Smith Adobe Employee

          That's actually a bug in Scout - thanks for spotting this! The standalone player always uses the "direct" window mode (you can't change this - it can only be set for swfs with the <embed> tag, or for AIR apps) - the player is doing the correct thing, it's just that Scout is reporting it wrong in the "auto" case.


          If you open up the standalone player without any content, the initial blank display that you see is created with render mode "auto". When you load your swf, it switches correctly to "direct", but Scout is incorrectly reporting the first value it sees ("auto"). I suspect it's nothing to do with your monitors, but that in one case (when you see"direct") you're directly launching the standalone player with your content, and in the second case (when you see "auto") you're launching the standalone player, and then opening your content. I'll make a note to fix this!


          btw, when you're profiling performance issues, make sure you use a release SWF in a release player - using debug SWFs and/or debugger players will give you misleading data, because of the overhead of the extra debugging information.

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