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    No Kuler in Photoshop CC (French version).

    Naninou Level 1



      i don't have Kuler in Photoshop CC.

      Is it because i use the french version ?


      Does Adobe work on a new integration of Kuler in Photoshop, like the Illustrator one ?



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          PankajMathur Adobe Employee



          Yes, Kuler is not there in Photoshop CC French version.



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            I have the French version of CC installed on my Mac, and as I have found out on this forum, the French authorities do not allow Kuler to be integrated into the other CC-applications. Whatever the reason might be, Kuler is not integrated in the french version of CC. I'm living in Belgium, so I should not be concerned with this matter, but nevertheless… no Kuler for me neither.

            But to be frankly, I don't give a damn to change the French for the English version. So in my CC preferences I changed the app language in english (international) and downloaded Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign again.

            In Photoshop I had to change the program language in 'preferences > interface' into English: UK (I had the choice between French and English UK). And a miracle happened, after starting the Mac up again, the Kuler panel was available via the 'Window > Extensions' menu. But in Illustrator and Indesign I found no way to change the application language: I keep on getting the French version.

            Anyone has any experience with this?



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              Naninou Level 1



              thank you for the answers.

              I made the choice to unistall the Photoshop CC french version and to download the english one

              Kuler is here now !