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    Do new hotfixes supersede old ones?




      Question 1: I have a CF 9.0.1 installation that is missing a number of security hotfixes (based on a vulnerability scan).  The list of missing security hotfixes is below.  Must I start at the beginning and apply each hotfix one by one?  If I apply the newest one (July 2013) will that automatically include the updates for all previous hotfixes?  The information online is rather vague.  It states that newer updates "may" contain some of the older ones.  It does not state definitely whether or not all previous hotfixes are included in the newly released ones.


      Missing Security Hotfixes:


      APSB13-19 July 2013 - Not Installed

      APSB13-13 May 2013 - Not Installed

      APSB13-10 Apr 2013 - Not Installed

      APSB13-03 Jan 2013 - Not Installed

      APSB12-26 Dec 2012 - Not Installed

      APSB12-21 Sept 2012 - Not Installed

      APSB12-15 June 2012 - Not Installed

      APSB12-06 March 2012 - Not Installed

      APSB11-29 December 2011 - Not Installed

      APSB11-14 June 2011 - Not Installed

      APSB11-04 February 2011 - Not Installed

      APSB10-18 August 2010 - Not Installed


      Question 2: What is the difference between Security Hotfixes and Cumulative Hotfixes?  Is there any overlap between the two?


      Thanks for the help!