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    Problem with Video Quality


      Hi, I have a Pr5.5.


      I have certain video files which are in avi format. When I import them and put them on my timeline and view them it's alright. When I export them to .avi format or .mp4 format and view it on my computer, it's alright. However, when I uploaded them to youtube, the quality drop drastically.
      the video on my computer that I view had text and I was able to read the text. When it's on  Youtube, the text are distorted. I keep changing project and sequence settings and the export settings, I just can't get it to work right. I've seen tutorials on the different settings and I followed them, but still when I uploaded it to youtube, the text is distorted.


      Can someone help me and tell me what are the settings I should do? Or what is the problem here? Was it my imported video problem? I used dxtory to record these video files (game play) and they are recorded in the highest quality. Playback of these video are fine too.



      Also, when I export out H.264 - Youtube widescreen, my video becomes jumpy and pixelated.