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    "RoboHelp is very much alive..."

    AnalogKid82 Level 1
      I attended a FrameMaker webinar, hosted by Adobe, today. During the presentation, the presenter mentioned that Adobe is working on the next major version of RoboHelp and that we can expect a new release very soon!!! To quote the presenter, "RoboHelp is very much alive..."
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          Kathy T Casey Level 1

          That's great news! There's been lots of Adobe activity on the forums - they may not say much, but there always seems to be one, two or even three logged on when I'm checking the posts.

          It just wouldn't make sense to let a great product like RoboHELP slide. I've worked with quite a lot of authoring tools and RoboHELP to me is the BEST! It's also got the easiest interface for those projects that I have to build and leave to someone else to maintain (and that someone is generally not a tech writer).

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            What will it truely offer? anything new? Former head of Robohelp responds


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              Hm, I'm very confused now.

              In the forum posting referred to by BeachWriter Mike says that Adobe will never be able to deliver on the promise of a new, up-to-date and competitive release of RoboHelp in the near future. He, if anyone, should now if this is possible or not.

              But WHY would Adobe claim to be working on a new, soon to be released version if there is no truth to it at all? There is nothing at all to gain from this!

              My initial reaction to the claims of a new release was that they would take the never released version in development (Mike refers to this as X6), smooth some of the worst problems out and release it as Adobe RoboHelp 2007. A BAD move. But after reading Michael Hu's comments in the article written by Joe Welinske and reports from the WritersUA Conference in Palm Springs in April I really thought there was something very interesting going on.

              Please Adobe, make some kind of official statement regarding RoboHelp. Will there be a development team working on a new, modern version of RoboHelp or will you just patch X5 until the code base falls apart?

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                Well, this will be interesting....
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                  Hi all,

                  Seems like ex RH employee Mike Hamilton has started slinging the mud. http://forums.madcapsoftware.com/viewtopic.php?t=1237

                  Is there any truth to what he is saying?

                  Something (anything) from the RoboHelp team at Adobe would be very reassuring now.

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                    MergeThis Level 4
                    People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Nor is it appropriate for observers to join in the fray, launching boulders. It's unfortunate that the suits at Blue Sky, eHelp, Macromedia, and Adobe got so caught up in acquisition madness that their products (and users) were shunted aside. Perhaps now the online help community can be served again.

                    With its deep pockets, Adobe's next RH product could very well be "ready for prime time" even before Mike's product. I wish them both well. However, I don't care that Adobe is not sharing its entire business plan for RH with me; I only care that Adobe is working the issue.

                    Since it appears that IE7 will not fulfill the predictions of RH doomsday by some pundits, I'm perfectly happy using "the old girl" to create and run my 2.5K-topic, 42-project, merged Webhelp with 1.4K external links and some neat Javascript for tooltips, email comments, etc. Mike, your eHelp crew really put together a heck of a product! Good news for us, bad news for you...

                    I can only hope that Adobe is addressing the most important (to us writers) functionality by taking advantage of the work produced by Peter Grainge, Rick Stone, Tommy Simmons, and others, who have identified the most common "wish" items voiced by users (and have provided workarounds). The folks in San Diego, unfortunately, did not (particularly in merging).

                    In the meantime, this forum continues to be an important resource to us all. And, oh yeah, if any Adobe guys are looking in...how about advanced full-text search capability in a merged Webhelp project?

                    Good luck,