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    Help Improve Premiere!  FR: Option for "Nudge Clip Selection Up/Down" commands...

    PierreLouisBeranek Level 1

      IF you've ever used the new nudge commands in PP CC to move video clips up or down a track, only to discover that their associated audio clips moved together by mistake...


      and IF you've been dumbfounded by the fact that nudging a video clip UP a track number (e.g. V1 to V2) makes it's associated audio clip move DOWN a track number rather than UP a track in unison (e.g. A2 to A1)...


      ...Then this feature request is for you!


      While some users might like the current behavior of these shortcuts, whereby selected video and audio clips are always nudged together in Opposite directions (Video nudged up a track = audio nudged down a track, and vice versa?!?), other users like myself don't!  When I nudge video clips, I only want the video to move, not the audio, regardless of if the audio portions are also selected or not.  If the clips I want to nudge are already selected with both video and audio, I don't want to have to take the extra step to reselect their video portions using the Alt-modifier before nudging.


      Since different users require different workflows, how about Adobe let us the users decide if we want the new nudge shortcuts to work on just one or both portions of selected clips at a time?


      Here's my official FR for this.  Please copy/paste as your own FR or use it as a model for a request of your own.  Every voice counts so if you agree that choice and logic is better, please let your voice be heard by Adobe!


      *******Enhancement / FMR*********

      Brief title for your desired feature: Option for "Nudge Clip Selection Up/Down" commands to only nudge Video or Audio at a time


      How would you like the feature to work? 

      99% of the time I want to nudge video clips, I don't want their associated audio to move together.  Of course users can Alt-select video clips, but this adds an extra keystroke and also an extra step if clips with audio were already selected.


      A new checkbox option in the Preferences window could make these new commands much better, i.e.:  'Nudge Clip Selection Up/Down' shortcuts nudge both video and audio.


      If checked, the behavior would be the same as it currently is, with the IMPORTANT EXCEPTION that video/audio clips would nudge in the Same LOGICAL Direction! (i.e Video nudged UP a track, V1toV2 = Audio nudged UP from A1toA2).


      If UNchecked, using the commands on selected video clips with audio would only nudge the video portion while the cursor/mouse pointer is over any video track, and would only nudge the audio portion while the cursor is over any audio track.  This would make it very easy for users to decide on a case by case basis what gets nudged, only the video or only the audio.  Since 100% of the time a user lasso selects video clips, the cursor is already over the videos tracks, this solution would not require any additional steps for moving the cursor prior to nudging.  Ditto for audio.


      Why is this feature important to you?

      These new nudge shortcuts are a great idea but with a bad implementation that leads to extra keystrokes, steps and mistakes.  Giving users the option of how they want these new commands to work, and making them work logically (i.e. Video up a track = Audio up a track) would be the best way to address everyone's needs and workflow requirements!




      The idea behind these new shortcuts is great and a welcome addition to Premiere CC.  Unfortunately, the implementation is God-awful.  Please send FRs of your own to help this get fixed asap!