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    Order of import to Comp

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      Having a bit of trouble when I brought my last group of layers into the comp. In my project bin everything is in chronological order (by number) and up until now it has been importing to the somp in that order. Now it is reversed. I can easily work with it but was wondering why it imported to the comp this way.


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Assets and layers are added to a time line in the order they are selected. If you have layer 1, layer 2 and layer 3 in the timeline or footage 1, footage 2 and footage 3 in the project panel and you select layer 3 first then shift select layer 1, when you paste the layers in a comp they will be added like this:






          If you select layer 1 then shift select layer 3 they will be added like thid:

          Layer 1

          Layer 2

          Layer 3


          AE has always had this behavior. That's probably your problem, and it's a way to re-order layers in your comp. Select 071.png first, then shift + select layer 100, cut the layers and paste and you will reverse the layer order in the timeline.


          This also applies to Cmnd/Ctrl + Select to select items in random order. For example if you Cmnd/Ctrl + Shift select 003.png, 001.png and then 002.png in your project panel and then drag them to the timeline your timeline will look like this:






          I hope this sorts things out for you. The bottom line is that AE remembers the order in which you select things when you add them to the timeline or cut and paste them.