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    Indesign Bullet or number position not working

    Koolada Level 1

      I cannot get this feature to work (Indesign CS6)


      I have a very long list of numbered items (over 300), so there is too much space between the single and two digit numbers and the first letter, because of course the indent has to accomodate the three digit numbers.


      I select align RIGHT, and I expect the numbers to switch to the right, as if I had set a right align tab there before the first character.

      But nothing happens.


      It is not a case of not enough space, since there is enough and I even made it larger than necessary to see if that solved it but it did not.


      Am I misinterpreting what that the position feature is for or is this a bug of some sort?


      It did not work in my previous CS4 version of ID either.