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    Laptop Solution for fast data ofload?

    naumen Level 1


      i have older Laptop ACER Aspire 5740G (upgraded to 8GB RAM) and unfortunately it has no USB 3.0 , or ESATA, or Express 54 slot...... But i do have internal Optical DVD drive that i dont use.... it connects to mother board via SATA interface 


      so if i will take that dvd drive out, is it possible to make internal sata connector to work as external sata or esata or USB 3.0? maybe there is some kind of bay with 1 esata for example that i could insert inside instead of that DVD drive ...


      all i want is the solution for fast offload of my Compact Flesh Cards or HDD Drives in the field. I am Operator and to copy my 32GB card to laptop over usb 2.0 takes 45mins... I dont really use my laptop for anything else


      also i have an empty external micro pci express slot inside.... i woonder is there exist any kind of Sata card or usb 3 card or esata card for that slot?