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    Adobe Flash Player crashes on Firefox (NetSteam, Stratus)

    Gevanni Level 1

      Flash Player version: 11,8,800,97 (last)

      OS: Windows 7

      Browser: Mozilla Firefox 22.0 (last)


      Problem: Adobe Flash Player crashes on Firefox, when runnig project with such elements like NetSteam, Stratus.


      When problem happen: Only when some streamed data is incoming, after random time. Time before crash can be 4 minutes, it also can be 2 minutes. Memory leaks or disk space usage didn't change and don't seem to be a reason. Problem happen when I was testing my voice chat together with few people. At one moment it crashed at few computers at the same time (which were using Firefox). Then we had luck with repeating this problem several times - simply by asking one of us to play any music into Microphone. Then Firefox Flash Player always crashing.


      Here you can see repeating of problem: http://youtu.be/BdkoQxloyDA

      It also show that it does not crashes if nobody is sending audio stream in created group, but it does when somebody is sending audio stream. In that video I'm repeating problem by myself, with help of one computer and 2 tabs of Flash Player. First is running in Chrome, second in Firefox. Player in Chrome is used to send system sound from speakers to peer group. Player in Firefox is listening and playing everything he hears (this is why I set it's volume to near 1).


      Here is .swf :

      http://www.plazmaburst2.com/vchat/vchat.swf?1375377116&l=ANY_LOGIN_NAME&g=b1a2e6f17f339b63 6382b2d6cccadb21

      It's very simplified voice chat which only displays streams which are being heared. It's adding " is talking" when stream is sending data. "g" parameter is a group name, I think you can choose any, but tests were made with this one.


      Hope it helps. If you will need .fla file - just tell me.