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    To buy or not to buy CUDA-Card while editing 1080p vs 720p. Advice needed!


      Hello folks,


      I am relatively new to editing, not so much to computers and technologies. I was happily editing some GoPro 720p footage. Nearly with no issues, specifically I can fly through the previews at up to 3x fast-forward. 4x brings up stuttering.


      Now as a contrast I started editing 1080p and it's a pain in the *ss. Above 2x (that is 3x and 4x) the stuttering while previewing footage in Premiere Pro CS6 starts.


      I've read the FAQs (specifically about optimization, CUDA, multi-core, and so on). I have a Quadcore Q9550, 8 GB RAM, SSD main for the OS, secondary SATA 7200 RPM and a third SATA disk. When I look at the task manager and I do the 3x fast-forward in 1080p (also in 720p for the case, no obvious differences actually) I cannot see any "bottleneck" in my hardware. The HDD/SSD drives are nearly not working, the CPU is about 50% and the RAM is also about 50% of usage.


      So I don't understand why this is happening? Do I actually need a CUDA graphics card? (Got a 9600 GT with 512MB RAM) Shouldn't the REST of the PCs hardware be completely "stressed" before I need to add a CUDA card to the system? Why doesn't it use the full CPU quadcore for the preview?


      I also have checked and re-checked the correct sequence settings, and have done it manually and also the "quick way" buy using "Make new sequence from clip". Results where the same.


      I appreciate your advice.


      Thanks in advance,