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    Insert document after text changes?


      I am not sure Acrobat X Pro can handle this or not, but here it goes:


      On a regular basis, we download a PDF file from our customer.  This PDF is a collection of Purchase Orders.  At the top of each Purchase Order is the text "Purchase Order Number" followed by the actual PO number.  This will be the same for many pages.  What we would like to do, is for every time the PO number changes, insert a document (Word, Excel, etc.) after that page, and then continue checking the rest of the document for additional PO number changes, repeating where necessary.  This would be easy enough to do manually, but these documents are several hundred pages long.  Is there a way to "batch process" this in Acrobat?  Or, will IT have to write a custom application to process these PDFs?

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          In principle, this can be done with a script, but the script will have to

          be custom-made and it depends on the structure and consistency of the

          pages. So it's very difficult to say for sure if it's possible without

          seeing some sample files. Can you share a file via a file-sharing website?

          You can also send it to me privately at try6767@gmail.com, if you prefer.


          The script could even be used in an Action to process multiple files, one

          after another.