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    Bridge thumbnails & preview no longer indicates the edit.

    grprt Level 1

      For images shot and edited yesterday and today, both the thumbnail image in the Content Pane and the Preview image no longer show any indication of the edit. The Preview thumbnail does, however, show the edit symbol in the upper right hand corner. This happens only to XMP files, and only those shot and edited yesterday and today. All previous files, even when edited today, respond normally. All files saved as DNG, whether shot or edited today or not, also appear normal (thumbnails and preview showing the edit).


      I've gone to Bridge Preeferences and Purged Cache. I have "Automatically export cache to folders…" checked. The problem is only with those XMP files shot and edited yesterday or today.


      I use with a Fuji X-E1 and a Panasonic G-1, am using Photoshop CS6, a MacPro on 10.6.8., and editing on RAW