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    Saving web forms before submission and retaining data


      Hi.  I've created a web form for about 60 people to complete on a fortnightly basis.  It is current I am trialling the form and receiving feedback from a test group.  There are a number of fields to complete dependent on what each individual does.  I had a question regarding saving data before the form has be submited. Many of the users want to be able to add information on a daily basis and want the option to save the form somewhere and then add to it as each day passes.  I had considered giving them the PDF enabled form to store locally but the problem is, I've adopted many conditional options on the questions and when that is lost in the PDF form, it becomes a very long form because of the potential spaces I need to include for responses.  Does anyone have any methods to save accumulated data in the web form format that can be re-accessed and submitted when the user has completed it?

      Any help or suggestions would be completely welcomed!