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    How do I use the Xbox 360 controller

    GoodNewsJim Level 1



      As everyone knows the XBOX 360 controller is the definitive controller for Windows gaming.


      I'm working on two projects now.  One in Flash and one in Unreal Engine.  I thought,"Wouldn't it be great to work on three projects at once."


      So the idea came to me that a comedic style hockey game could be made in Flash.  Flash is great for action games, and the P2P networking(thought could have been done better) is just sufficient to make a good multiplayer experience.


      I do not however want an action oriented hockey game without analog sticks.  I've gotten the XBOX 360 controller to work in C/C++ in a Tekken Style Open Wolrd Game, and it was great.  Where do I get the XBOX360 code to integrate them into a flash game?